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GSBN:FW: Any news acout ACOSA person for GSBN?

Hello all,

Tom's reply to me regarding ACOSA is shown below. And I certainly am happy
to follow-up and nominate Tom for membership in GSBN.


> From: Tom Hahn tomhahn@...
> Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:29:51 -0700
> To: Joyce Coppinger jc10508@...
> Subject: Re: Any news acout ACOSA person for GSBN?
> Hello Joyce - Uh, it's Tom... ;-)
> Anyway, I did check with Ecosa about the contact, and it was Wes,
> their administrative person who is in charge of marketing and
> outreach.  They just wanted to spread the news about the upcoming
> month-long Summer Hands-on Natural Building Workshop that they have
> every year.  I usually teach a week or so of it, and Wes at Ecosa was
> just trying to do his diligence to get the word into every nook and
> cranny of the natural building movement.
> I made the point about the working professionals nature of GSBN, and
> he agreed that they don't need to have full membership in GSBN.
> Anything they need to share with the group, they'll give to me and
> I'll get it posted there, as is appropriate.
> Which takes me to the next point...  What did you all decide about
> getting me hooked up with GSBN?  Let me know the details as is
> necessary...
> Tom Hahn
> Sol Source Architecture
>> Hi Tim,
>> Just wondering if you have had time to talk to anyone at ACOSA about a
>> person to represent them on GSBN?
>> Joyce
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