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Re: GSBN:FW: Any news acout ACOSA person for GSBN?

Hi all,

I'll add my vote in favor of adding Tom Hahn. As a former editor of The
Last Straw, an architect and builder who has done such a wide range of
projects over many years there's no doubt that he would have much to
contribute and I'm sure he'll appreciate and benefit from the exchanges
too, as we all do.

Good idea!

David Eisenberg

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From: Joyce Coppinger jc10508@...
Sent: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 14:36:06 -0500
Subject: GSBN:FW: Any news acout ACOSA person for GSBN?

 Hello all,

Tom's reply to me regarding ACOSA is shown below. And I certainly am
to follow-up and nominate Tom for membership in GSBN.


From: Tom Hahn tomhahn@...
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:29:51 -0700
To: Joyce Coppinger jc10508@...
Subject: Re: Any news acout ACOSA person for GSBN?

Hello Joyce - Uh, it's Tom... ;-)

Anyway, I did check with Ecosa about the contact, and it was Wes,
their administrative person who is in charge of marketing and
outreach.  They just wanted to spread the news about the upcoming
month-long Summer Hands-on Natural Building Workshop that they have
every year.  I usually teach a week or so of it, and Wes at Ecosa was
just trying to do his diligence to get the word into every nook and
cranny of the natural building movement.

I made the point about the working professionals nature of GSBN, and
he agreed that they don't need to have full membership in GSBN.
Anything they need to share with the group, they'll give to me and
I'll get it posted there, as is appropriate.

Which takes me to the next point...  What did you all decide about
getting me hooked up with GSBN?  Let me know the details as is

Tom Hahn
Sol Source Architecture

Hi Tim,

Just wondering if you have had time to talk to anyone at ACOSA about
person to represent them on GSBN?

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