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Re: GSBN:Re: fire test -- your opinions?

G 'day All

Back from sunny Queensland where we conducted two workshops back to back,
large building 170 sq metres.

Regarding fire tests important I know but the Building Code of Australia
does not call for fire requirements for class 1 a buildings as such.  If you
are not in a bush fire zone you can build it from whatever you like, match
sticks come to mind.  As long as the building is x metres from the next one.
(>600mm I think)

However if in a bush fire zone you need the CSIRO test of which Bohdan
Dorniak has completed for us Aussies see:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.earthgarden.com.au/strawbale/fire_test.html";>http://www.earthgarden.com.au/strawbale/fire_test.html</a>

The paper can be purchased from Bohdan who is a member of GSBN.  Bohdan put
up his own moola for these tests.

My question to the list is what is the main diferrence between a 2 hour
rated wall and a wall that passes a bush fire or wild fire test?

As explained by Eco Bruce I feel strongly that earthen renders will prove
every bit as safe as any cement or lime render in fact I feel like Beeel
that it will just become stronger with heat.  So why not test for earth
render as long as we are comparing apples with apples that is.

Good to be back even if it is brief but next trip I will have a portable lap
top with broad band using the CDMA network so I can email as I drive or
should I say as I am driven by My Little Lead Foot.

Looks like we have a nice little earner coming up so I may get to Toronto in
September after all, long as MLW gets to NZ that is!

The Straw Wolf.
61 2 6927 6027
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.glassford.com.au/Index.htm";>http://www.glassford.com.au/Index.htm</a>

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