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RE: GSBN:Re: Fire test

Hello all,

Short and to the point, very well spoken Graeme (and Barbara Jones and
Lars Keller..........)

We strongly support that any testing to be done should be done with clay
and lime renders only. We all know these are the most suitable for
strawbale walls, they work very well for all different climate
conditions here in Australia, are the most environmentally friendly - we
claim to built with less impact on the environment using a (often) waste
product "Strawbales" so we should not be afraid to leave cement behind
us either - who likes to work with the stuff anyway -. Fasba (German
strawbale association) did strawbale construction fire tests with clay
plasters and achieved excellent results - clay does not burn - and it
would indeed be very interesting to see if the plaster can hold up to
the hose test, we think it will.

Regards, Frank & Ingrid

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Hi Bruce

For my money at least on rig to test would be two string bales on the
with 3 coat lime plater without mesh (exterior) and earth plaster inside
this to me is the best design environmentally we can give that will
withstand a wide  range of weather conditions.
For strong environmental reasons we must reduce cement use in our
and to do a test that will probably lock us into its use if we are
on this test for consent purposes seems a really big  backwards step to