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GSBN:FW: corrections to 2006 Resource Guide

I am forwarding this portion of Alex's email to you so that you will be
aware of the fire test that is being planned (April 26, I believe) in
Israel. Please feel free to contact Alex regarding any aspect of the test.
He indicates he will share results of the testing.

We should consider adding Alex Cicelsky to the GSBN list as he is and has
been involved in strawbale and natural building in Israel for some time now.
I recommend he be nominated as we have no representatives at present in


Dear Joyce,

Thanks again for another wonderful publication (Resource Guide 2006).  This
edition clearly shows that no one needs be aloneÉ

Tomorrow Mike Kaplin and I (both of Center for Creative Ecology)  travel to
the laboratories of the Israel Standards Institute to plan the
approved/upcoming fire test of an earth plastered straw bale test wall that
our ecocenter/NPO has decided to sponsor.  Of course weÕll keep you informed
of the progress. 

Thanks and Take care,


Alex Cicelsky; Design, Construction and Education
Center for Creative Ecology
Kibbutz Lotan, D.N. Eilot 88855  Israel
Tel: 08-6356914, Mobile: 054-979-9009, Fax: 08-6356842
Email: lotan-build@...
Please Visit Our Websites:


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