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RE: GSBN:Questionnaire

> > I will put up a copy of the questionnaire in the FILES section at SB-r-
> us
> > and make announcements to the REPP and SB-r-us lists notifying members
> of
> > its existence.
> >
> > However I suspect that the response will be minimal ...

 [Rikki:] I will do the same for the Spanish SB network, but don«t expect
many responses.  Getting people to respond to surveys is like getting them
to go to the Dentist (to keep up with the dental floss analogy!). 

I have found the only reliable way to get responses is to phone or visit the
people and fill out the survey yourself.

Good luck, I will try and get my survey to you soon.  Is there a date you
need it by?  

Sincerely, Rikki

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