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GSBN:Update: Link to images of our most recent SB project

Hello everyone - Apologies for the resend of some of this info... But
being new to the list, I didn't realize  attachments were restricted,
and the images I had included in the previous email about this
project were automatically removed.

So, for those of you whose appetite I whetted for seeing the images
that didn't make it into the previous email, here's a direct link to
the page on the Sol Source website with photos and drawings of the

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.ssiarch.com/PROJECTS/200204_ROEBUCKsbres.html";>http://www.ssiarch.com/PROJECTS/200204_ROEBUCKsbres.html</a>

From the earlier email, about the project...

"It's a heavy-steel (owner's choice) non-load-bearing house just in
the final throes of completion in Apache Junction, AZ, about 40 miles
east of central Phoenix...

It has lots of "zoom" because we wanted to exploit the strength of
the steel to meet the challenge of acknowledging the gorgeous east
view toward the Superstition Mountains, while wanting to shield from
the sun and views to other not-so-wonderful houses...  With the
light-steel interior framing and use of recycled composite lumber for
sole plates and rough-openings, we just about managed to not use any
wood (except for roof sheathing).

To help with your orientation to the photos, the clerestories faces
north (to avoid the hot desert sun, and get soft north daylight..."

I look forward to sharing more and getting feedback on our design and
construction adventures integrating straw-bale with mainstream
systems like heavy steel framing, heavy-load (20" dia.) concrete
columns, fire sprinklers, and commercial windows and doors...

Tom Hahn