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GSBN:Fw: The First Strawbale house in Sri Lanka

Hi everyone,
today we have received this email from a Sri Lankan man who, with his Japanese colleague, has built a strawbale house in Sri Lanka as part of a community project they have been working on for many years. they would like to share this with the wider strawbale community, so i am passing his email onto you all.
Per & Helen Bernard

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Subject: The First Strawbale house in Sri Lanka

Ms.Helen Bernard,
Dear Helen,
Let me first recall you of me(Piyal- a Sri Lankan) and my collegue, a Japanese person named Inagami Shozo, whom you met in Daylesford in May 2002.Our mission was to examine the performance of strawbale construction.We stayed at Flying Pig of Maureen Peterson.Thanks to information and the inpiration we got from you and Maureen, we worked to build a prototype strawbale house in Sri Lanka. We took some time to do this particularly because we had to design and manufcture a bailing machine as in Sri Lanka it is hard to find one.Anyway, finally we suceeded in developing a machine which operates completely manually by three persons without having to use any fuels to operate, making the whole process completely eco friendly. 
We like to present our project to international strawbale community and like to know from you of any forthcomming events where we can make a presentation about the first straw bale house built in Sri Lanka.
Best regards!
Piyal Ganepola

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