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Re: GSBN:Lime Wash

On May 3, 2006, at 10:01 PM, Jeff Ruppert wrote:

 and what i am most interested in is if there
are any binding agents i can use in the mix, such as milk with
clay.  I
understand that the suggestions given so far have been with regards to
how it is worked.  Is there really no inert additive to lime that will
bind like milk does with clay?

I could see reacting the lime wash with siloxane or some other silica
solution like potassium(?) silicate after the initial application.
the question still stands.  Is there anything as an additive that
bind it better than nothing at all?

My experience says that I would stay away from the clay/lime approach
in that you're liable to get a weaker product all the way around.  As
for other binders I would bet that this list might have more than a
few suggestions ranging from simple to complex/expensive.  I would
offer that given a lime plastered wall under the right conditions -
applied well, a binder won't be needed and the surface won't dust.  I
don't have the experience to comment on applying limewash to a cement/
lime surfaced wall so I'll leave it to others.

However, returning to binders, if I happened to be in your position
at the moment I would be inclined to use either waterglass (potassium
silicate) or soy resin.  Both are working quite well for us.

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