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GSBN:Lime Wash (fwd)

Hi Jeff,

Based on traditional the Portuguese practise of adding talo to the slacking
quicklime, we did some tests with 2% raw linseed oil that vastly improved
durability and cleanability without effecting permeability in any way that
our meter could notice noticable at the Ridge Winery. one thing we did for
aesthetic purposes originally but followed due to bond benefits is that we
back rolled the lime wash with water only.

good luck,


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Test patches are always in order.  On this particular project, dust is
less of an issue than most applications.  From one perspective, the dust
from the horses in the arena will mask most of the dusting of the wash
itself, i think, ie. there won't be people rubbing up against the walls
regularly, and lots of dust from horse activity.  I am leaning towards
applying it with a roller, and what i am most interested in is if there
are any binding agents i can use in the mix, such as milk with clay.  I
understand that the suggestions given so far have been with regards to
how it is worked.  Is there really no inert additive to lime that will
bind like milk does with clay?

I could see reacting the lime wash with siloxane or some other silica
solution like potassium(?) silicate after the initial application.  But
the question still stands.  Is there anything as an additive that would
bind it better than nothing at all?

And thanks y'all for the good help on this topic!

Many cheers from the middle of the continent!

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

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