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GSBN: Digest for 5/5/06

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-> Re: GSBN:Re: Earth mix/earth plaster gun
     by jeff@...


Date: 5 May 2006 08:17:35 -0600
From: jeff@...
Subject: Re: GSBN:Re: Earth mix/earth plaster gun


I have a Hyflex stator/rotor pump that has been great.  The hopper holds
a full mixer of material, meaning you can dump the entire 9 cf mix load
and begin mixing the next one.  it also runs on petrol and is entirely
self contained.  No outside power or air needed.  All parts are readily
available at Grainger or local hardware stores (aside from the
stator/rotor).  It has a remote for controlling the pump from the wand.
  The model number is HZ-30G.  Hyflex has unbeatable service in my
opinion.  They are always available and happy to help troubleshoot
anything.  They will overnight any replacement parts if needed.  To me,
service was extremely important when making the purchase, and the guys
you talk to are the ones who build the machines.  The whole unit with a
tow package was roughly $13,000, including 110 ft of 1 1/2" hose, wand,
everything!  They make 'em to order, so when you pay the 50% deposit,
they manufacture the unit in two weeks or so and ship it to your door or
jobsite.  It pumps a full mixer load in about 5 minutes, or the 110 ft
of 1 1/2" hose in exactly 1 minute.  You can do the volume math.  Our
mixing crew usually cannot keep up with the pump.

Ours is currently for sale since we are slowing our construction
operations down.

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

Odisea LLC
Ecological Building, Engineering and Consulting

Front Range Office 		West Slope Office
1731 15th St. #105		1022 Main St.
Boulder, CO  80302		Carbondale, CO 81623
303.443.4335			970.948.5744
303.443.4355 f			1.866.795.6699 f

Graeme North wrote:
> Hi Friends -  someone may be able to help me
>  - I'm looking for the make/model and/or specifications or points to look
> out for in a machine set up that will mix and spray on large quantities of
> earthen plaster mix or cob type mix -
> I want to be able to use clay, sand, fines (gravel up to say 8 mm) and chaff
> or chopped straw in the mix as well as possibly lime to make coarser mixes
> that I can pump and spray onto walls,  as well as fine finishing plasters
> Does anybody have any suggestions as to what machines may be available and
> where? And any comments on any particular models?
> Many thanks in advance ,
> Graeme,
> Graeme North Architects,
> 49 Matthew Road,
> RD1, Warkworth,
> New Zealand 1241
> Ph/fax +64 (0)9  4259305
> www.ecodesign.co.nz
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