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GSBN: Fire test

The following is a request / suggestion which I am passing on on
behalf of Joergen Munch-Andersen, whom some of you might have met at
the ISBBC 04.
Joergen is Senior Researcher at the Danish Building Research Institute
(www.sbi.dk) and has for more than 5 years consistently been
constructively critical and he has made a huge difference towards
making SBC  an accepted building method in Denmark.
Furthermore I should say that Joergen has on several occasions shown
that he is ready to put in time.

Best regards

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From: J¿rgen Munch-Andersen jma@...
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 17:32:14 +0200
Subject: SV: Brandtest i Californien.
To: larskeller@...

It would be most useful if somebody could compile a comparison between
American and European test methods and requirements. That would help
tremendously when trying to transfer tests and experiences.

In all of Europe the test methods are almost the same so the
CEN-standards can be used as a reference. On the other hand the
Building Regulations are quite different in the different countries.
But the test results can be transfered within Europe. Seen from this
side of the pond the comparison of test methods is the most important.

I cannot help to wonder why 2 hours fire resistance is relevant to
straw-buildings. In Europe that is only relevant for high rise
buildings. But if the test conditions are much different it could be
part of the explanation. One should remember that the time we refer to
is for a standard fire with a specified temperature as function of

A report on a Danish research project on SB - partly written in
English - can be downloaded as pdf from:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sbi.dk/byggeteknik/konstruktioner/serlige-konstruktioner/halmhuse/halmhuse";>http://www.sbi.dk/byggeteknik/konstruktioner/serlige-konstruktioner/halmhuse/halmhuse</a>

Slides in English from a presentation of the report:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sbi.dk/download/pdf/jma_slides_halmhuse.pdf";>http://www.sbi.dk/download/pdf/jma_slides_halmhuse.pdf</a>

J&#xBF;rgen Munch-Andersen
Senior Researcher, PhD
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)
Dr Neergaardsvej 15
DK-2970 H&#xBF;rsholm
Tel +45 4574 2388 (dir)
Fax +45 4586 7535
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