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GSBN:Brian Hodge added

Hi all,

Brian Hodge has been added to GSBN.  Below is his reply to the invitation.

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your email regarding the invitation to join GSBN. I am
excited to be involved, having been somewhat isolated to date. I am
pleased that you communicate through simple email, as that I can deal
with. Regarding the list of homes, I have added the details of my home
and my son's home. I am currently involved with a few other homes under
construction as a consultant, but would need to approach the owners
before supplying their details if you would also like to know about
them. I have attached a photo of my home, which has just this week been
sold. I look forward to starting a new straw bale home once we have
purchased land etc.

My home is located at 20 Rushall Rd Heathcote Victoria Australia. My son
& his wife have a straw bale home that cost $23,000AU in 2005 to build.
There names are Bradley & Paula Hodge and their property is in Doolan
Cres Heathcote. Brad operates a business called Straw Bale Building
Supplies, supplying merch grade pine (a down grade timber not generally
available to owner builders) and straw bale building hardware such as
bale needles etc to owner builders. He also operates a render pump for
earthen render. The owners mix and spread the render as Brad merely
applies the render to the wall. This works out at about $2,500AU for 3
coats of render on the average house. A huge saving compared to the
$15-20,000 for full application. I look forward to future communication
with you.

Kind regards

Brian Hodge

Bill Christensen
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