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GSBN:Convert US R value to French R value + French SB gathering

Hello baleheads,

I've not been reading much GSBN emails lately because I'm somewhat plastered in
between the kids, workshops, and other projects.

One of our projects is translating and editing the Steens (and Wayne Binghams)
latest jewel "Small SB". And it is herefore that I need some help.

How do I convert US R value to French R value?
On page 186 (Paul Koppana's house) has R 60 insulation in the roof.
Here in France we consider a 49cm SB wall to have R6 (45cm Straw + plaster)

Can any of you help me put R 60 into our french R? (I believe I've bothered this
list with a simular question a long time ago, but as I seem somewhat allergic to
mathmatics I have not been able to correctly register the response)

French SB gathering
The 6&7 of may we have held a national SB gathering. More than 100 participants
and lots of stuff was being discussed. It was a great succes and we have
founded the "French Straw Building Network" (R?seaux Fran?ais de la
Construction en Paille"). This network will also be known as "Les Compaillons"
which is the non for profit organisatin that hosts the network.
More info in TLS (Joyce, I'll sent you the article soon)