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GSBN:Fwd: thatch roofing

Hello all,

I don't know how many of you might have received this, but wanted to pass it along to this list. Interesting idea. I don't know these folks and I've not had time yet to look at their website or anything else, so I send it without any sort of endorsement. I'm curious if anyone on the list knows them?

Warmest regards,

David Eisenberg

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Subject: thatch roofing

 Etreville, Normandy, France, June, 23rd

Dear Sirs,

Our company specialized in thatch roofing, has been operating for more than 40
years in France, serving the individuals and public institutions.
The demand for vegetable roofing, consolidated by a strong ecological trend, is in constant increase. Unfortunately, there is a skill gap and indeed, the
present thatching techniques (between 4 and 5m² per day) do not make it
possible to satisfy the demand, within reasonable lapse of time (between 1 and
2 years, in France).

Our solutions
To come up to the market expectations, we have conceived a system of modular panels, manufactured in our own workshops which consist of a frame of rafters
and lathes, covered with tiered rows of reed, exactly as on a roof. The
manufacturing process structurally meets the same schedule of conditions as thatching on construction sites and makes it possible to reduce the completion
times to a few weeks.

Logistics on thatching site
These panels are conveyed by containers or trailers and then hauled up onto the roof, by lifting gears, fastened to the frame and linked up by one thatcher on the roof itself to obtain a perfectly rainproof thatched roof. Then he ensures
the rainproof works and obviously the ridge.

This process is perfectly adapted to traditional frames of plane roofs composed of ledges (hip rafters) or not, without valleys, for a minimal slope of 40°. As for the industrial trusses or support rafters, the frame must be equipped with
battens meant to receive our own thatched frames.

Pour les couvertures plus complexes, comportant des lucarnes et des noues, nous
disposons dâ??équipes qui interviennent sur site, sans recours à la

For more complex roofing, including dormers and valleys, we employ teams who
operate on site, without resorting to prefabrication.

Partnership appeal
To assure our international development, we are looking for architects,
carpenters, roofers or traditional wooden houses builders interested by the
concept of the thatched cottage and willing to play the role of logistic
coordinator for the panelsâ?? installation on site and provide local contacts
with potential buyers.

You will find a full presentation of our activities on our site:

If you wish to obtain more precise details on our offer, particularly on its
technical aspects,
please contact Michel GOUZENE at the following address:
or by telephone at the following number (33) (0) 6 83 66 21 31.

Yours faithfully

                               Michel GOUZENE
                               Sales Manager

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