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Re: GSBN:plaster and straw question

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'm very interested in using rice hulls - probably in the roof and
ossibly at the gable ends as you're describing.  I've read your Rice
Hull House paper and poked around on the topic a bit.  But I'd like
to minimize the use of fiber cement and drywall, and don't
particularly want tyvek.  And I've kinda grown to like straw bale.

But how does one solve unequivocally the problem of strawbale moisture
especially in a moist and humid climate? Is the moisture penetration that
we are so concerned about simply due to faulty construction techniques?

We'll have good sized porches all around if all goes as planned, so
we're not overly concerned about rain.

Yes, porches are a great help. This permitted the early settlers in
to use a bousillage or plaster on all the walls protected by porches.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.cajunculture.com/Other/bousillage.htm";>http://www.cajunculture.com/Other/bousillage.htm</a>
But on the gable ends without porches they were obliged to use
lap siding.

Paul Olivier