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Re: GSBN:plaster and straw question


My personal preference is to place the post just inside of the plaster,
allowing a continuos layer of plaster on the bales. Getting the plaster
behind the post can be a problem though if they are much wider then a
few inches. Using rond wood or chamfers help. I have used a spade and
or a floor smoothing trowel to get behind up to 10" wide beams.

Although the above could help in many cases there are always situations
in a house where wood cuts through the plaster. A correct detail here
is very important to prevent cracks and air leakage. My current
practice, in combination with earth plaster, is to use a a 12" wide
strip jute mesh 1/4" fabric  tacked to the wood and stuck wet-in-wet in
the first or second earth plaster coat. I find this solution is not
quite sufficient as succes is too dependent on careful execution. What
I am looking for is a suitable strip/material to tack through to
tightly attach the jute to the wood. Any suggestions anybody? I prefer
not to use plastics or metal.

On Jul 3, 2006, at 02:35, billc wrote:

So what then would be your recommended detail for something like this
(excuse the ASCII art):