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Re: GSBN:plaster and straw question

I have a couple of thoughts for you.  I think for it to work the best
place to use your mesh/etc. is with the finish coat.  In the final
scheme of things that is where you don't want any gaps appearing.
That is not to say that additional reinforcement with the first and
second coats is a bad idea, but only that I think the finish coat is
finally the most impt.  I don't know if I can describe this, but let
me give it a go.  For us one of the easiest/fastest methods is to use
screen molding and glue drywall mesh to it.  Assuming that you don't
want to use vinyl based glue there are soy resin glues and caseins as
an alternative.  Anyhow, here comes the hard part.  Actually come to
think about it I'm not even going to try.  Tell you what, if you are
interested I can email you a photo/drawing or something to make it

Athena & Bill Steen
The Canelo Project
HC1 Box 324
Canelo/Elgin, AZ 85611

On Jul 3, 2006, at 5:20 AM, Rene Dalmeijer wrote:

My current
practice, in combination with earth plaster, is to use a a 12" wide
strip jute mesh 1/4" fabric  tacked to the wood and stuck wet-in-
wet in
the first or second earth plaster coat. I find this solution is not
quite sufficient as succes is too dependent on careful execution. What
I am looking for is a suitable strip/material to tack through to
tightly attach the jute to the wood. Any suggestions anybody? I prefer
not to use plastics or metal.