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RE: GSBN:plaster and straw question

G'day to every one,
I recently attended a timber a meeting of the timber merchants
association in Melbourne discussing the installation of timber flooring
over concrete. They were adamant that the application of bondcrete would
prevent the adhesive for the flooring to fail. Bond crete is considered
by them to be a contaminant that must be mechanically removed if it is
on a surface that has to have another product glued to it.

Based on this, I would be very hesitant to use it in the second coat, as
it may well then reject the final coat. Maybe not immediately but based
on the warranty claims of builders laying flooring over bond crete in
Australia, it is more than likely to happen.

Where we are covering timber up to 100mm (4 inches) we have applied a
coating of bondcrete to the timber and then sand to the bondcrete. This
has sealed the timber whilst providing a textured surface for the render
to adhere to. In one instance we applied this method to an oregon beam
300mm (12 inches) wide and even then did not have problems with
cracking, although I would not recommend it. For timber over 100mm
(inches) we have chosen to lay a thin layer of straw over the timber and
then staple wire netting over the straw into the timber. We extend the
netting across the bales  by about 200mm (8 inches) and then pin the
netting to the straw. This has given us stable render, however I have
not had occasion to dismantle it to see if there is any moisture issues
in the timber. We do not use cement render, so I doubt that this will be
a problem.

Kind regards
Brian Hodge
Anvill straw bale building consultants.

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G ' day All on GSBN

We are using lime plaster on a building near Sydney and we used a fibre
mesh for the second coat i.e. we applied the mesh to the second coat
after it was applied and then brushed the coat for a key for the final

Those of you on SB r-us an see the result in the photos section.

I am asking if we should apply bond crete to the second coat befpore we
apply the final coat or some such product.  The builders on the job have
no experience in lime render I do not see a problem with doing so but I
doubt it will do much good.  We used bond crete in teh house at Ballarat
and it worked well on the final caot application between second and
third coats.

Anyhow have a squiz at the photo section in SB r-us an dlet me know what
you think.

Kind regards
John Glassford
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