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Re: GSBN:plaster and straw question


The recent SB project I was involved in uses naturally hydraulic lime
finish on the exterior. A polyester mesh was applied in wet on the
second coat. The surface was roughed as much as possible using combs
for a key for the final very thin coat. no cracking at all and a little
delamination due to a a too thin final coat. The delamination is minor
and in general have the impression that this is only due to the
thinness of the final coat in t5he spots where delamination is evident
it is maybe only 2-3mm thick.

On Jul 4, 2006, at 06:12, John Glassford wrote:

G ' day Per

That is what I thought and expected as it is supposed to stop moisture
getting in and to stop cracking.  Mind you there is not a crack to be
seen on the second coat.  Maybe they think that bond crete will
prevent any chance of delamination.  I am still, open to ideas however
the experienced renderers on the job feel bond crete is essential but
then they are used to cement renders.

How are you two going?  Plenty of straw bale I hope.

Salaams John.
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