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Re: GSBN:Photos of bales and stacks

Thanks for adding to the list of words meaning straw. I didn't see an
attachment showing round bales. Do you ever used round bales for sb
construction? We've rebaled a few round bales into square bales for
construction, but I don't know of anyone who has used round bales for walls.
I can't imagine why one would do this.

Appreciate the help!


on 7.5.2006 6:26 PM, Bohdan Dorniak & Co Pty Ltd at bdco@...:

> Hi Joyce
> Another name for straw is "soloma" is it Ukrainian for straw!
> I'm enclosing some "useless" rolled round bales that we have quite a few
> here in SAust
> "interesting but stupid!"
> regards
> Bohdan
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>> Hello all,
>> We're beginning to work on the annual resource guide for publishing in
>> December 2006 (Note the change in month of publishing from September to
>> December to follow a calendar year).
>> For the cover, we'd like to include photographs of the different types of
>> haystacks and strawbales around the world, and include the word "straw" in
>> as many different languages as we can. If you have jpg or tiff files (300
>> dpi) black and white or color that you'd like to share for this purpose,
>> please send as soon as you can.
>> Your help will be greatly appreciated!
>> Thanks,
>> Joyce
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