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Re: GSBN:Photos of bales and stacks

!Hola Maren!

Well, for the first question I'm afraid somebody else will have to answer,
as I never approqched rice bales. But As far as I have heard, it is feasable
to get through baling machines.
For your second question, big bales have to be handled with mechanical
means, as they are so heavy; tractors, or factory fenwicks, do pretty well
for bungalow-type walls.
For higher walls, you would be looking for a small or medium crane.
Because of its own weight, no special compression is needed, nor cementing
or any link between bales (that is, for a straight wall). It is like
building with a jumbo Lego game.
Imagine if Egyptian Pharaos had used these bigbales!
These walls give an incredible feeling of massiveness & security, and are
quiet elegant when left with naked straw.
 Getting to the wall top, a reliable framing is in my humble opinion very
useful, to ensure a longlasting connection between roof and walls.  A metal
or wooden U -shaped structure (the U upsidown of course) can hold the wall
and prevent lateral moves that would (perhaps) split it slowly, as time
passes. The risk, with semi- heavy weights (related to a given volume), is
that they may "live their own life" if unexpected compressions or sliding
happen. Having otherwise a fairly good stability, it is an extra security to
firmly "hold them from above", and usually, if you build with bigbales, you
want a hge building, so that needs some reall thinking and checking on every
problem , BEFORE you start building.  In order not to get trouble

Cheers, & saludos a toda Espana
Lorenzo Robl?s
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 For Joyce: In Spanish we say:

 Fardos (de paja)
 Balas (de paja)
 Pacas (de paja)

 Hello world,

 2 questions:

 - End september we will make rice-straw-bales. The farmer told us, that
rice is so strong, that not every baling-machine will be able to press
this type of straw. Has anybody information or experience with rice-straw?

 - I need information about building with big-bales. How are the
techniques to construct with this type of bales...I suppose no stacks are
needed or compression...?

 Thanks from Spain,



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