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Re: GSBN:Photos of bales and stacks, & French...

Hello everyone!
Here are some french worlds for strawbales & around

Ballot de paille (sb)

Bottes de paille (sb)  and
Bottes de foin (hay bale) .  Botte means boot as well.
The expression comes from old times, before baling machines; hay or straw
was chopped by groupes of men, then tied (by hand & often by women) in a
cylinder -shaped  called Botte (because it reminded a "boot" or "leg") and
left standing in the fields; a few days later the farmer wold come with a
carriage ang get all the "bottes" into his barns to keep dry.

Meule (pronounce the  EU as E in mErchant) is the stack, the old straw or
hay stack , hairy  hill with a long vertical stick in its center. The MEULE
stayed in the field, and wouldnt become wet  due to the angle of straw
leading the rain to flow rapidly outwards.
For SB stacks we say "pile" , or "tas".  A TAS is not as neatly gathered as
And for Roundbales, we  use often the english world...Roundbale. The proper
way is Bottes Rondes.

Thats all for tonight folks.

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Building with round bales... The illustrous and often on the SB road Tom
Rijven did! See his experiment on his website.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://habitatvegetal.com/construire-en-paille-experimental.php";>http://habitatvegetal.com/construire-en-paille-experimental.php</a>

Why? Because Tom likes a chalenge I guess.

As for the 'bousillage': It is a word of french origin (as I understand
all english words are). In France it means a masonry of mud and straw.
what's not so nice is that the word also means a work that is done in
of poor quality. The verb 'Bousiller' means to put in place a bousillage
also to do a job in haste and of poor quality and its final meaning is
or destroying'. The verb is frequently used nowadays for its latter two
(and nobody knows of its muddy origin). Funny how words evolve...

By the by, "Paille" means "straw" in french, but Joyce already knew that.

Au revoir,


La Maison en PAILLE

PS bon voyage and bon appetit for those on the road to rice country.

Thanks for adding to the list of words meaning straw. I didn't see an
attachment showing round bales. Do you ever used round bales for sb
construction? We've rebaled a few round bales into square bales for
construction, but I don't know of anyone who has used round bales for
I can't imagine why one would do this.

Appreciate the help!


on 7.5.2006 6:26 PM, Bohdan Dorniak &amp; Co Pty Ltd at bdco@...

Hi Joyce
Another name for straw is "soloma" is it Ukrainian for straw!

I'm enclosing some "useless" rolled round bales that we have quite a
here in SAust

"interesting but stupid!"
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Hello all,

We're beginning to work on the annual resource guide for publishing in
December 2006 (Note the change in month of publishing from September
December to follow a calendar year).

For the cover, we'd like to include photographs of the different types
haystacks and strawbales around the world, and include the word
"straw" in
as many different languages as we can. If you have jpg or tiff files
dpi) black and white or color that you'd like to share for this
please send as soon as you can.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!


Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
The Last Straw journal
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