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GSBN:re: andre wants his plaster to dry quickly

Dear Andre,
We found ourselves in a similar situation last week.  The interior wall we
were working on had 5 cm applied in one application of earth plaster and had
to be dried out quickly.  Outside it was around 35 during the day, around 25
at night but very humid and once the SB's were up it stayed cooler and moist
inside.  We wanted put halogen projectors inside the room facing the wall,
but felt uncomfortable with the amount of watts we'd be burning and leaving
the hot lights unattended (we left the site for a week).  We put a number of
fans in the room and the plaster face dried well in just over a week (we did
not probe the plaster depth to measure moisture content).

Had we not been pressured to complete the plastering in one day, I would
suggest the un-Steen procedure that we use when we work with groups - apply
(4) layers, each 1-2 (maximum) cm thick and wait for each to dry completely
before applying the next (in the summer 2 days).  Keeping the surface really
rough (increased surface area) as opposed to flat and compressed (you know
how folks like to "finish" layers at each stage) also helps the layers dry
quicker and supplies a surface that the next layer will adhere to better.

Good fortune.


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Hello baleheads,

One of our workshop participants asked me if they can earth-plaster (inside)
late in the autum. (of course they know that it is better to plaster during
summer but time flies...
I suggested to ventilate and to make sure the moisture laden air gets out of
house. They might heat the house also (but I'm conviced that ventilation is
important, like stirring a cold coffee to dilute the suggar rather than hot
coffee without stirring).
I remember reading that one can also add borax to the earthen plaster to
mould. Does any of you have exp?rience with borax in the plaster. And how
would you advice to use?

Thanks for your advice.

Warm bale greetings,

Andr&eacute; canyoupleasescrapeoffthatmouldofmyback de Bouter

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