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RE: GSBN:Borax in plaster

Moin, moin

As André said: By earth plastering late in the year, ventilation (we had
very good experience in using several non heating ventilators in one room by
blowing the air directly on plaster surface, it will dry fast and reliable)
is the most important and effective way (heating could increase mould

In case of plastering straw bale walls: The temperature and humidity
monitoring of walls in the 3-storey SB-House "Strohpolis" (plastering
finished in november) showed clearly: Not potential mould on/in the plaster
was the problem, but the inside of the wall, more precisely the outer 10cm
straw. Conditions of potential mould (>80-95% r.H.) can persist nearly one
year after plastering. There was no mould in Strohpolis, but after all we
know about straw: Plastering in (germany's) autumn is no recommandable way.
Let's practise more safe way's without adding chemicals and try to get
finished in September. 

Borax in the plaster wouldn't solve the real dangerous problems inside the

Dirk Scharmer

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Hello baleheads,

One of our workshop participants asked me if they can earth-plaster (inside)
late in the autum. (of course they know that it is better to plaster during
summer but time flies...
I suggested to ventilate and to make sure the moisture laden air gets out of
house. They might heat the house also (but I'm conviced that ventilation is
important, like stirring a cold coffee to dilute the suggar rather than hot
coffee without stirring).
I remember reading that one can also add borax to the earthen plaster to
mould. Does any of you have exp?rience with borax in the plaster. And how
would you advice to use?

Thanks for your advice.

Warm bale greetings,

Andr&eacute; canyoupleasescrapeoffthatmouldofmyback de Bouter