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Re: GSBN:Borax in plaster

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> I remember reading that one can also add borax to the earthen plaster to 
> avoid
> mould. Does any of you have exp?rience with borax in the plaster. And how 
> much
> would you advice to use?

Dear Andre',

Several years ago I experimented with borax and boric acid in plaster, to see 
if I could prevent a grass--eating termite that we have here from eating 
straw that is surrounded by mud plaster either where the first coat of plaster was 
pushed into the surface of the bales, or where chopped straw was mixed with 
the plaster.   I introduced the borax and boric acid by creating a saturated 
solution of the chemicals in water, and then using this water to mix the mud 
plaster.   The chemicals didn't seem to prevent the termites from ingesting the 
mud and, even worse, the addition of the chemicals greatly reduced the strength 
of the dried plaster.   I'd be very wary of using this approach.

Best wishes from Matts-a pox on that borax-Myhrman  

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