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GSBN:Pakistan 1


Caroline Meyer White started off by building her own little SBhouse
with a rocket stove, earthen plaster etc.

A few years down the road she is now running a sustainability course
on a Danish Folk High School.

This summer Caroline is in Pakistan, teaching SB and COB.

She has asked me to let this list know, that she could do with
assitance from now till a long time into the future.

The thing she is doing is taking off big time.

You will receive more info.

all the best
Lars Keller

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From: caroline meyer white fredmeyer8@...
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:28:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 3000 shelters, Paki weekly 7 (out of power last week)

Hi there!

 Hope this finds you all very well, and enjoying the summer if you
are on the northern hemisphere..

 I have moved from the "guest house" I was staying at here in
Mansehra, to Sadia's home the last week. Sadia is Irfan's Ð the
executive director's- wife.  As they live in the "extended family
systems" Sadia and Irfan and Sadias mother and father are living
together in the same house. And now me.. If they had had a son, he
would have been living here with his entire family. Yesterday evening
2 other sisters with kids and husbands arrived, I woke up next to a
 It's been hot the past week, 40+ Celcius for 4 days. It was while
giving my cob workshop, and even the local guys were saying that this
was unusual. Still they kept treating the mud and doing everything I
asked for. Their not as "self-driven as the students I was used to (J)
Not that they can't work, but the thing about looking around you to
see what has to be done and then do it, well is not happening at my
usual Danish rational speed. Never the less we finish a BEAUTYFUL
little cob animal shelter. And it was some of the best time I've ever
had, teaching those guys. One great way of making things happen for
me, was simply if I would pick up a bucket, a shovel or anything else,
somebody would immediately come and take it out of my hand. Ð A woman
should not work like that! And especially not a foreign woman who's
come to help them, you treat your guests properly!
 Yesterday FAO came by, to have a look, and talk the last negotiation
on our animal shelter project, and they loved it! As well as several
other NGO's and farmers and various people have. Now they still have
to take it to Rome. - But they gave us a YES!!!!!!!!!!!

 3000 animal shelters to be build.
 20 master trainers to be trained.
 600 farmers to be trained by the master trainers
 3000 farmers to build their own animal shelter under supervision of
the farmers that have been trained by us.
 Materials provided by FAO as well as fodder for 1 buffalo for the winter.

 All in all 1.4 mil US$..

 All in all 3000 people empowered with a building technique very
close to what their usually doing, but different in ways of making it
more earthquake resistant.
 And one thing that is quite curtain is, that this was not the last
earthquake in these areas.
 It is wild!
 We will be hiring around 40 people, for social mobilization (finding
the farmers in most need, who qualify for the project), for having two
base camps, it is up in the more mountainous areas. + Master trainers,
+ drivers, office peopleÉ + the 600 farmers that are trained will be
paid a small amount for the 10 weeks the building period is suppose to
last, to ensure that they take the responsibility of guiding their
fellow farmers.

 There has to be a lot of monitoring all the way through, reports
every week from everybody. A LOT of logistics! Just getting 4 sacks of
lime out to everybody. The monsoons are starting now, which causes
landslides in these areas.
 We are getting 25.000 $ to start the master training and social
mobilization with. And then it will probably take FAO headquarters 5-6
weeks to go through the whole proposal. So then the roads will
hopefully be better, and we have to be ready with our preparations
that the training of the farmers can start immediately.

 It is exciting!!!

 We've moved office this week, so no internet.. I'm getting my own
place to stay these next days, we looked at a place today literally
behind the office and I hope I will get it. It was with a mother and
son in the same house, my own bathroom, a window (that is not too
common) in the room out to a little back yard.

 My colleague Michael from Denmark is coming down here for 10 days in
2 weeks time. He will be on the building site in Pindhi (The neighbor
city to Islamabad) I really hope the temperatures won't be too high
then, because Islamabad is warmer then up here. But it is very
fortunate that he could make it even just for 10 days, cause I may
have adjusted very easily, but I still haven learned to be in 2 places
at a time, and with this animal shelter project taking off in such a
big scale I was letting the people in Pindhi down a bit.

 The hills are getting green and the rivers starting to swell. The
rice is making little quilted carpet of transparent green light like
beechtrees in may, in some areas the ground is puple of minerals, and
it is making perfect contrasting colors with the fields. Incredible.
 I've broken 2 cameras while beeing here, I'm working on the 3rd one
now.. Starting to get cheaper models.

 Otherwise not much news. I got a mosquito net, and life has changed
to the better. (I'm not always to fast at getting the little things

 Aslam Aleikum!
 Cheers Caroline

Jo, Asger og jeg er pt I Australien. Vi er i Danmark igen midt november.
Juli, august og september kan vi kun traeffes paa nedenstaaende
mobilnummer, samt modtage post via nedenstaaende adresse.

Jo, Asger and I are in Australia until mid November this year. July,
August September our contacts are:


Lars, Jo og Asger
5 Crouch Street North
Mount Gambier
5290 SA

Mobiltlf: 0061 405 366 455