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GSBN:One more detail as we head into the second fire test

 Good morning all,

 First, we all survived the celebratory evening events and even fit a small amount of music in back at the motel with Frank Meyer on ukelele, Matts on washboard and me on guitar... we'd had enough beer that it's probably a good thing that we didn't have the video cameras rolling...but it was a fun way to end the day.

 As this day dawns, I wanted to add one more bit to yesterday's report - the wall we tested yesterday was the one with 17 gauge stucco netting and the reason the stucco fell when the test panel was pulled back from the furnace was that the wood to which the netting was attached at the top was completely burned away - the only thing supporting the stucco was the fact that it was essentially clamped between the test frame and the furnace... Once the straw behind the stucco had burned there was no bond and no support for it from the straw. And the fact that it bowed away from the wall and had such large cracks meant that it did little to protect the straw behind it from the heat of the furnace after the first hour or so...

 Today's test is of earthen plastered bales laid flat with netting - only the earthen plaster that was blown onto the wall. So we are likely to learn a great deal from today's test whether it passes or not. And we'll make a decision at about 50 minutes into the test whether to stop at a one hour test with the hopes of getting a success or go for two hours hoping we might get it but looking to learn more.

 Think cool thoughts today...

 more later...


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