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GSBN:FW: 3-layer passive insulation?

Has anyone heard of or used the three-layer passive insulation method? Any
comments about it's effectiveness?

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> Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 00:19:20 +0200 (CEST)
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> Subject: [Strawbale] Volunteers for 3-layer passive insulation?
> If anybody would be interested to help us much sooner, Tuesday to Thursday
> (next week, July 25-27) in Hostetin, we would welcome it.
> We will insulate one wall of the building (author: Georg W Reinberg) being
> currently constructed there. At least 3-ply straw sandwich (40 cm thick)
> will be used.  Well separable layers taken from jumbo bales will be
> employed, about 7 cm thick (taken as pairs in this case). At wall, they
> will be separated by paper, at least each 14 cm of thickness. The purpose
> of dividing straw by paper is to suppress heat transport by convection to
> almost negligible values (convection takes place just inside the
> individual chambers of 1/3 thickness, at 1/3 temperature drop and less
> then 1/3 flow speed, so the total convection heat transport is about 1/10
> of the case with just a single undivided straw layer). Such suppression is
> a prerequisite to achieve passive-house U values of about 0.1 W/m2K.
> The roof of the backyard building is insulated by straw already, divided
> just to halves by paper (this is sufficient for horizontal insulations).
> I think this is the first attempt to reach ``passive values'' reliably
> with straw instead of commercial insulation materials. Don't you want to
> play a role in it?
> Hostetin is in eastern Czechia, close to Slovak border. It's a small
> village with 280 inhabitants. A plethora of interesting environmental
> projects took place there already, becoming well known in our country. An
> interesting site to visit in any case.
> We can offer you food and simple (basically outdoor, under shelter)
> nightings. Stars are nicely visible in Hostetin, thanks to brand new
> outdoor lighting retrofit using fully shielded lights (donated by
> Phillips). We have a small pub there and a rather cold (but nice in hot
> weather) pond on a stream just above the village.
> The building site is quite busy (Skanska is the contractor), but I on
> ``our'' wall in the orchard we will be able to work without much
> intervention by another professions.
> If you would be inclined to come Monday evening and help us, please write
> me off-list. I will send you further info.
> jenik
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