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GSBN:earthen plastered sb wall achieves 1-hour fire rating!

 Hello all,

 Just back from the lab...the earthen plastered wall passed the 1-hour test and hose stream test! So, we had two successful tests!

 This test was a bit dicey from the start because when the wall was brought up and clamped to the furnace, we developed a big vertical crack on the unheated side of the wall on one side. When we lost some very large chunks of earthen plaster in the same general area on the heated side of the wall we started to be concerned that we weren't going to be able to go for the two-hour test. When we eventually started seeing glowing straw through the crack on the outside at about 50 minutes, we knew that we needed to stop at an hour and hope to pass the one hour test with a one-minute hose stream test.

 As it turned out it was a good choice. It appears that the crack on the unheated side let air into the wall which fed the charring of the bales all the way back to the outside plaster. After the hose stream test was done (successfully) we looked at the charring that happened where there weren't any cracks and where there were cracks on the unheated side but the plaster had remained in place the charring didn't come anywhere near the outside plaster. There will be more detail to come but the main thing is that we now have shown that earthen plaster on bales laid flat yields a one-hour fire wall.

 We all want to thank everyone who contributed to the discussion and had input into the decision-making process involved in our final choices. I'm sure you'll be hearing from others about the testing and of course there will be much more technical and formal info available soon, but for now we're happy to report the two successful tests.


 David Eisenberg

 PS, Bill, feel free to chime in with any corrections... :->


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