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Re: GSBN:earthen plastered sb wall achieves 1-hour fire rating!

Congratulations!! - Yet another step foward toward

thanks to all who participated, helped, cheered and/or
otherwise contributed.


--- strawnet@...:

>  Hello all,
>  Just back from the lab...the earthen plastered wall
> passed the 1-hour test and hose stream test! So, we
> had two successful tests!
>  This test was a bit dicey from the start because
> when the wall was brought up and clamped to the
> furnace, we developed a big vertical crack on the
> unheated side of the wall on one side. When we lost
> some very large chunks of earthen plaster in the
> same general area on the heated side of the wall we
> started to be concerned that we weren't going to be
> able to go for the two-hour test. When we eventually
> started seeing glowing straw through the crack on
> the outside at about 50 minutes, we knew that we
> needed to stop at an hour and hope to pass the one
> hour test with a one-minute hose stream test.
>  As it turned out it was a good choice. It appears
> that the crack on the unheated side let air into the
> wall which fed the charring of the bales all the way
> back to the outside plaster. After the hose stream
> test was done (successfully) we looked at the
> charring that happened where there weren't any
> cracks and where there were cracks on the unheated
> side but the plaster had remained in place the
> charring didn't come anywhere near the outside
> plaster. There will be more detail to come but the
> main thing is that we now have shown that earthen
> plaster on bales laid flat yields a one-hour fire
> wall.
>  We all want to thank everyone who contributed to
> the discussion and had input into the
> decision-making process involved in our final
> choices. I'm sure you'll be hearing from others
> about the testing and of course there will be much
> more technical and formal info available soon, but
> for now we're happy to report the two successful
> tests.
>  Onward!
>  David Eisenberg
>  PS, Bill, feel free to chime in with any
> corrections... :->
>  D
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