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Re: GSBN:Clay plastered wall passes 1-hour test!

If I understand the numbers, adding some hemp to the lime plaster _decreases_ adhesion by a factor of eight. That's a big surprise to me. Can you tell us more? How was the testing done? I'm guessing that these are shear-strength values. Is that correct?

I'm also curious about how thick the tested plaster was. André mentions that that the adhesion strength figures are equivalent to 25 and 200 times the weight of the plaster. I'm thinking that increasing the thickness of the plaster on a bale wall would have little effect on adhesion, but a major effect on plaster weight per square meter. André, please tell us more about how the strength per weight of plaster is calculated.


--On July 21, 2006 9:36:04 AM +0200 André de Bouter forum@... wrote:

Sorry, there was a mistake in the info I shared on French testing.
this is the right info:

Plaster on bales layed flat:
1000kg/m² (0,01 MPa) for a lime/hemp (+ a small aount of sand)
plaster (=25 times the weight of the plaster)

8000kg/m² (0,08 MPa) for a lime/SAND (no hemp)plaster (=200 times the
weight of the plaster)

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