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Re: GSBN:Fern Bales

In a message dated 7/29/06 1:09:58 AM, rikkinitzkin@...:

> Here in Spain some people in GALICIA are going to make Fern Bales to try
> building with.  They say the ferns are tough, and resistant to mold and
> humidityâ?¦Has anyone ever built with Fern Bales before?

Hey Nikki,

I, also, have not seen or heard of ferns being baled.   I have seen bales 
made with pinto bean stalks.   These stalks get real hard and stiff when they dry 
and made very firm bales.   The privacy wall they were used to build seemed 
to be doing very well.

I do, however, share AW's concern that the fern bales might have fewer small 
open spaces holding trapped air, and thus might have a significantly lower 
insulative value.   If the climate in the region you mention is such that 
buildings require a lot of heating and/or coolillng, this could be a real 

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