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GSBN:Requesting digital images of s-b domes and vaults

"When does a wall become a roof, or is actually just a woof, or a rall, or
none of these at all?"   22nd century Zen koan.

Please forward the request below to all appropriate parties as soon as
possible.   Thanks!

Well, it looks like I may be singlehandedly doing a presentation on
straw-bale domes and vaults at the ISBBC in Ontario.   However, if any of you, or
anyone you know, will be part of that session, please let me know.

In addition to my small selection of images (my own domes, Kelly's Mongolian
vault, the oval vault at Chinoa, the ill-fated vault at Canelo), I'd like to
be able to show images of other such buildings that have been done.   So,
here's what I'm asking for.   For each structure, 2 to 3 tif or jpeg files (maybe
two of the construction phase, one when finished; for vaults, please have one
that shows the temporary, or permanent, supporting framework).   1024 pixels
wide by 768 pixels high would be best, but 800 by 600 will work.   In addition,
I will need a brief general description of the structure (e.g., who, what,
where, when, how big) and a brief description of what each image shows, plus
contact info for you which I could share.

Both I, and whoever attends the presentation, will greatly appreciate any
contributions you can provide.

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