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Re: GSBN:Leather Bales

Hi you all,
if considering building materials from the Feng-Shui point of view (or just
"good vib's feeling), how could we build healthy, happy houses with garbage,
or plastic bottles? The fact of baling garbage doesnt take away the
"darkness" of the stuff.
Recycling industrial reject is great, but better as road fillers, or
artificial offshore grounds, rather than for walls in wich people should
sleep, eat, and feel cosy.
Straw and all its vegetal cousins , as well as earth, have this wonderfull
property of being both healthy and sustainable. And safer too.  Can you
imagine a fire in a plastic bottle house? Little chance to survive the
deadly gases.
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Hi Brian,

I remember years ago hearing of a university project in Canada that
developed a machine to bale dry garbage, including plastics, to use as a
building material.  The bales were wrapped in a plastic mesh if I
remember correctly.  I'm not sure what became of that but perhaps some
of my fellow Canucks do?  Actually I think John Glassford mentioned it a
while back too.

All the best,

brian wrote:
Does anyone have any