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GSBN:Re: Too Humid? was Leather Bales

G ' day Brian

How are you going mate?  Looking forward to your book tell us how
much and  I would like a copy please.

You said:

I am unsure of the outcome of leather in bales, but it did prompt a question
on my part. I have been contacted by an Aboriginal elder wanting to build
homes for his people in Broome Australia. The humidity is high. Too high for
Straw bale. I would be interested to hear if anyone has baled plastic

Not sure how much humidity is too much humidity?  Any ideas?  Broome
does get humid but it also has lengthy periods of the year when the
climate is not humid as do many parts of the East coast of Aus.  We
have built as far North as Gladstone in Queensland and it does get
humid there for long periods, so far now 5 years down the track no
problems but it was an earth render with a lime finish.

We will also be building on Great Keppell Island next year and I know
it gets very humid there at times; so how much humidity can a straw
bale wall bear?  Any ideas?  Any work been done on it in real humid

Kind regards
John Glassford
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