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RE: GSBN:Alternative Bales; was Leather Bales

From: Andrew Webb design@...
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Subject: GSBN:Alternative Bales; was Leather Bales
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 10:10:20 +1000

Hi Lorenzo,

I respect your position but can I suggest an alternative perspective
something is only garbage if it no longer has a use or benefit for
people, generally speaking.  If dry garbage (paper, cardboard, timber
scraps and plastic) can be transformed from refuse into a "healthy,
happy house", it seems to me that's a big win.  To invoke a different
spiritual tradition, perhaps it's akin to a lotus sprouting out of the

My company specializes in the recycling of automobile, industrial and
residential waste. We have assembled a broad range of technologies to
recycle paper, cardboard, textiles, rubber, plastics and food waste from
residential waste. It simply does not make sense to use these waste
materials to build houses, especially when agricultural waste has so much to
offer in this regard (for example, straw and rice hulls). Residential waste
is loaded with pollutants, and the technologies that we are assembling to
recycle residential waste feature, above all else, very complicated means of
handling these pollutants. Many of the plastics that we are recycling sell
for over $800 per ton, whereas straw and rice hulls have but a minimal
value. I suppose that we could build houses with sanitized cow manure, but
are there not certain logical and practical contraints that bear down upon
the human imagination?


Paul Olivier
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