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GSBN:Alternative Bales

Hi Paul,

Definitely if logistics, technology, economy, supply, etc. are against
using a particular material then it doesn't make sense to use it.
However, those sorts of things are often specific to a location.  Straw,
I believe, has to be transported hundreds of miles to get to Broome, and
specially for the purpose of building, whereas the waste products are
already there (transported in for their initial use).  What to do with
the abundance of plastic bottles is a good question even if the
conclusion may be that building with them is not an option.

BTW. Cow manure and urine is used to improve the durability of earth
walls and floors in many parts of the world. It's a great binder and a
good water repellant.  It's all relative to what you have and don't have.

- Andrew

Paul Olivier wrote:
I suppose that we could build houses with sanitized cow manure, but
are there not certain logical and practical contraints that bear down
the human imagination?