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GSBN:Nebraska in Spain

Hi all,

  we're building a 300m2 Nebraska-style house in Spain. We started a - for us- new system and now we have some problems to solve.
  The walls are constructed as usual, but in this case without ring-beam. So, we couldn't pre-compress our walls before placing the roof. We did that, because we knew a new walls and roofs system from Austria (called KLH). This are huge wood-pannels (13m long x 4m wide). And because of their flatness, we used them as a "ring-beam-roof" . (This pannels were placed with a crane).
  Afterwards we placed the tensors, the tensors  don't surround the walls, but we connect them with the foundation and the roof with screws.
  The idea was to compress the walls with the tensors, pushing down the roof. That was impossible (But we only made a essay in one corner and not the whole building.)
  Including during the placement of the roof-pannels, the walls only compressed 1.5cm...almost nothing. The idea of the roof is great, because in 2 hours you have a finished roof and it spreads great all the load ...but has anyone a great idea to compress the walls with the roof?
  Another thing, in the center of the bale-walls the highness is lower than in the corners, now, after placing 2 huge pannels, they make a little V in the center, so all the water will stay in the center of the roof. How could we solve this problem and make that the walls are flat?
  I hope you can understand my Spanglish!! (I included fotos)

  Thanks for your help and ideas!!



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