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GSBN:Re: Monthly Help File

Hi to all,
I have just spoken with my publisher who informs me that my book will be
published later this month. If you would like to see more info on it you can
do so on the CSIRO publishing website. If anyone would like to place an
advance order I will supply them to GSBN members at $55 each plus postage
rather than the normal $69.95. I have credit card facilities if anyone would
like to place an order.

Thanks for your feed back on the Broome building project, which we are still
in the early stages of investigation.

Kind regards
Brian Hodge

GSBN writes:

Global Straw Building Network
email discussion list HELP file

The GSBN is a small email list composed of representatives of regional
organizations and other non-affiliated key individuals involved in the
general advancement of straw-bale and other straw-use building materials
and techniques. The intentionally small number of members range from highly
experienced professionals to well informed laypeople.

The GSBN was conceived as hub of communication: each member of the list
intended to be a conduit, conveying the material posted to the list to
their respective organizations and communities... and in the same way
sharing applicable material from their organizations and communities with
the GSBN.

It's a dual-function device. First, as a somewhat mundane information
sharing forum of a principally organizational and clerical nature; second,
and more exciting, as a thinktank about infrastructure and large issues -
as opposed (in both functions) to a basic how-to forum, which already
exists elsewhere.

However, we don't play hard-and-fast to any particular set of rules. For
example, it's entirely within the scope of this body to discuss ideas that
could represent significant changes in best practices before disseminating
them as a thoroughly considered presentation in more widely attended and -
without wanting to sound demeaning - typically less knowledgeable forums.

In practice, the GSBN is very lightly trafficked with only occasional
announcements, referrals, tidbits, and questions. Sometimes a month or more
might go by with nothing from the list. It might be considered an
under-utilization, but the really important thing is that if and when a
truly vital need for this forum occurs, we're here and we're ready. In the
meantime, don't be timid about making appropriate use of it.

The costs of operating the list have lately been underwritten by The Last
Straw Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an advisory board and
technical editing arm.

Please read the list guidelines (see below) before engaging in discussion.
In addition, familiarize yourself with how the list operates, especially if
you've never participated in an Internet email discussion group before.
It's a good idea to save this message somewhere so you know how to

When dealing with a listserver, there are two types of messages, namely,
COMMANDS and POSTS. Unlike traditional listservers which require the
use of numerous email addresses, we have simplified the process by
allowing for both both COMMANDS and POSTS to be sent to the same address.


These e-mail messages are intended to cause some action to occur, such as
subscribing the FROM address to a mailing list.  Commands are usually one or
two word phrases which should be entered in the SUBJECT field of the message.
Any other fields are ignored... it doesn't matter what you put in them.  On
this list,
subscribe commands are sent to a moderator for approval.

The following commands are accepted:

    forwards your request to a moderator for approval
    you will then receive all posts as they are received
    you are then allowed to post from that address

    removes your e-mail address from the list of subscribers
    you will no longer receive any posts
    you are no longer allowed to post

subscribe digest
    switches you to digest mode
    you will then receive one message per day which lists all posts
    to switch back, send a "subscribe" command

	returns a list of digests for the past 30 days along with
	instructions for retreiving them via e-mail

    this message will be returned


Email messages which don't match any commands are distributed to everyone on
the list.
Every time you post a message, hundreds of other people on the list receive a
copy, just as if you sent it to them personally.  As a member of the list, you
will receive a copy of every message anyone else sends.  On this list, only
members of the list can post to it.

To correspond directly with a person, write to billc@...