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Hello from Brittany,

our building site www.ecopanneaux.com/galerie/martin in Plozevet is finished
after 17 month intensive and afterwards great time with 57 volunteers from
14 countries. From July 15 both appartemnts are rent to guests
www.ecovacancesbretagne.com and they are really happy. Special guests for 2
nights had been Rene Dalmeijer and Lydia from Amsterdam...

Before I write an evaluation on the project (limeplaster failed) and
exterior humidity is mostly higher than 50% here one request of a young
Breton who likes to visit South America and possibly New Mexico etc. Any
addresses for him helping out on sb-sites? He got some experiences with the
French system of apprenticeship, also at one of Pascal Thepauts projects.

Thanks and best wishes,

Martin Oehlmann
Moulin du Roz
F-29690 Berrien

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Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 7:08 PM
Subject: adresses en Am?rique Latine

Bonjour, bonsoir Martin,
je suis Vincent. On s'est rencontr? hier lundi sur le chantier
d'Olivier et Corine ? Loquefret. Je t'ai demand? si tu avais
des adresses de travail en Am?rique Latine dans le domaine de
la constructions ( m?me aures que la construction si tu as).
Si oui, peux-tu me donner les contacts, sinon connaitrais-tu
des organismes qui r?alisent des chantiers ? l'?tranger.
Voila, j'attends ta r?ponse.
Par ailleurs, voici l'adresse internet du Gabion qui produit
differents stages de formation en bioconstruction, et ou je
r?alise la formation en restauration du patrimoine.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://lacortiglia.free.fr/";>http://lacortiglia.free.fr/</a> ou legabion.org
A bientot.

Cet ?t?, pensez aux cartes postales de laposte.net !

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