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RE: GSBN:Requesting digital images of s-b domes and vaults

I don«t know if its very helpful, but in Germany there is a big Dome made by
Gernot Minke (I believe it was his...?) and in Seiben Linden (German
Ecovillage) there are two small, but well-made, load-bearing domes.

Maren Termens in Spain has lovely building made with a "Catenary Arch"...

Rikki Nitzkin
Aul?s, Lleida, Espa?a
(0034)657 33 51 62 
www.casasdepaja.com (Red de Construcci?n con Balas de Paja)

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> "When does a wall become a roof, or is actually just a woof, or a rall, or
> none of these at all?"   22nd century Zen koan.
> Please forward the request below to all appropriate parties as soon as
> possible.   Thanks!
> Well, it looks like I may be singlehandedly doing a presentation on
> straw-bale domes and vaults at the ISBBC in Ontario.   However, if any of
> you, or
> anyone you know, will be part of that session, please let me know.
> In addition to my small selection of images (my own domes, Kelly's
> Mongolian
> vault, the oval vault at Chinoa, the ill-fated vault at Canelo), I'd like
> to
> be able to show images of other such buildings that have been done.   So,
> here's what I'm asking for.   For each structure, 2 to 3 tif or jpeg files
> (maybe
> two of the construction phase, one when finished; for vaults, please have
> one
> that shows the temporary, or permanent, supporting framework).   1024
> pixels
> wide by 768 pixels high would be best, but 800 by 600 will work.   In
> addition,
> I will need a brief general description of the structure (e.g., who, what,
> where, when, how big) and a brief description of what each image shows,
> plus
> contact info for you which I could share.
> Both I, and whoever attends the presentation, will greatly appreciate any
> contributions you can provide.
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