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RE: GSBN:Requesting digital images of s-b domes and vaults

Hi all,

Yes the dome in Forstmehren, Germany, was designed and build by Gernot
Minke, it serves as a music studio. We happened to be in Germany when it
was build and hat the fantastic opportunity to help with the
construction of the "Music Dome" and (after many years) to work with Dr.
Minke again.

Some pictures can be found on Minke's website
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.gernotminke.de/minke.html";>http://www.gernotminke.de/minke.html</a> and you will find contact details
for him on the site too, in case you need further info.

Our website (see link in signature) also has some info and some
construction photos for the dome in the "Projects" menu.

Best wishes, Frank &amp; Ingrid

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>I don&#xAB;t know if its very helpful, but in Germany there is a big Dome
made >by
>Gernot Minke (I believe it was his...?) and in Seiben Linden (German
>Ecovillage) there are two small, but well-made, load-bearing domes.

>Maren Termens in Spain has lovely building made with a "Catenary

>Rikki Nitzkin