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GSBN:Matts requests help again

I can't retrieve my list of contact info for the people who attended the
ISBBC 2004 in Denmark.   Can anyone in Germany provide me with an e-mail address
for Martin Stengil (correct spelling?) who built two s-b domes at an ecovillage
in Germany (Seiben Linden?)?

Expanding on my earlier request for images of s-b vaults and domes, I have
now found that my presentation is also supposed to cover round buildings.   I
have images of several smaller such structures, including the thatched beauty
that B. Jones did in Ireland, but have no images of any large ones.   I have a
vague recollection of a big round building used to stable and train horses
being mentioned on the GSBN.   If any of you can quickly provide digital images of
this building (or any other large round building), or can get someone else
to, I will be most grateful.   The unfortunate time pressure results from the
reality that in a week, Judy and I begin a circuitous journey that will bring us
eventually to Ontario for the big gig.

The images should be of a resolution adequate for projecting onto a screen or
making a good 5 inch (12.7 cm) by 7 inch (17.8 cm) photographic print.
Expressed differently, my tecnical consultant, Tony Novelli from DCAT, recommends
that they be at least 800 pixels high by 600 pixels tall (better yet, 1024 by

Thanks for anything you can do with such a deadline.

With greetings from your hopelessly round, domed and vaulted friend in

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