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GSBN:Help needed: Mortgage

Hi All!!

  Again asking for support:

  A friend has now all the licenses to build a Nebraska-style house near Barcelona city (Spain). He asked for a mortgage, but the bank asks for a structural -assurance during the time the building is constructed. At the beginning, the project was a post and beams-system. The assurance agreed to offer the assurance, now, the builder changed his mind and now he wants to build all in Nebraska-style...so, now, the assurance don't offers anymore the assurance...
  He needs  this for the mortgage, or we change the project and build with post and beams (that would be very sad, because we want to support Nebraska) or we find another firm which wants to assure. We know that it's not necessary that the assurance has to be a Spanish firm!
  Has anybody assured a Nebraska-style house???

  We need really this information to finally start building, all the licenses are prepared!!!

  Thaks a lot,

  Maren Termens


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