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GSBN:Looking for a insurer-company

Hi Bill,

  thanks for your help. I need names of firms who would insure the house of this friend, so he could receive the mortgage. Perhaps a foreign firm would insure the house, as we can't find in Spain one, who would do that in this moment.
  Thanks again, Maren

billc billc_lists@... escribi?:
  At 1:01 PM +0200 8/8/06, Maren Termens wrote:
>Hi All!!
> Again asking for support:
> A friend has now all the licenses to build a Nebraska-style house
>near Barcelona city (Spain). He asked for a mortgage, but the bank
>asks for a structural -assurance during the time the building is
>constructed. At the beginning, the project was a post and
>beams-system. The assurance agreed to offer the assurance, now, the
>builder changed his mind and now he wants to build all in
>Nebraska-style...so, now, the assurance don't offers anymore the
> He needs this for the mortgage, or we change the project and
>build with post and beams (that would be very sad, because we want
>to support Nebraska) or we find another firm which wants to assure.
>We know that it's not necessary that the assurance has to be a
>Spanish firm!
> Has anybody assured a Nebraska-style house???
> We need really this information to finally start building, all the
>licenses are prepared!!!
> Thaks a lot,
> Maren Termens
> Spain

Hi Maren,

I may be able to provide some information, but first let me get clear
about what you need: are you looking for examples of load bearing
homes which have gotten mortgages? Insurance? Or a structural
engineer's approval on the plans? I can give you a list on the first
two, though due to the privacy requirements of the Straw Bale
Registry I can't give you personal data on the owner without first
asking their permission.

Bill Christensen

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