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Re: GSBN:Help needed: Mortgage

Thanks John,

  I'm still looking if I can find a company which would insure a Nebraska style building here in Europe...but does anybody know - if I can't find any company- if it would be possible to insure via internet from another country used to insure Nebraska style buildings?
  Thanks again, Maren

  John Glassford jacksflat@... escribi?:
  G ' day Maren

We have had many Nebraska style load bearing buildings insured here in
Australia mate.

The local authorities require a structural certificate from a
qualified engineer and they then approve the plans. Once council
approval is obtained we then get insurance through our broker.

We are even getting Nebraska style homes insured for owner builders.
80% of the straw bale buildings we get involved with are load bearing.

There is plenty of evidence now available that Nebraska style homes
built well will pass the most stringent of engineering testing. Eco
Bruce may have the latest results if not go to SB-r-us and enroll and
then go to the files section where there are many test results
Kind regards
John Glassford
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