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Re: GSBN:Help needed: Mortgage

Hi Maren,

unfortunately we build some not legal and uninsured loadbearing structures.
Sorry for that. A friend of mine will build a loadbearing structure in the
Allgaeu reagion (Alps) end of August. He unfortunately does not have email
access, yet I doubt there is a problem there as there are special
regulations for farmers and its going to be a farm building.

Best wishes, Martin

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> Thanks John,
>   I'm still looking if I can find a company which would insure a Nebraska
style building here in Europe...but does anybody know - if I can't find any
company- if it would be possible to insure via internet from another country
used to insure Nebraska style buildings?
>   Thanks again, Maren
>   John Glassford jacksflat@... escribi?:
>   G ' day Maren
> We have had many Nebraska style load bearing buildings insured here in
> Australia mate.
> The local authorities require a structural certificate from a
> qualified engineer and they then approve the plans. Once council
> approval is obtained we then get insurance through our broker.
> We are even getting Nebraska style homes insured for owner builders.
> 80% of the straw bale buildings we get involved with are load bearing.
> There is plenty of evidence now available that Nebraska style homes
> built well will pass the most stringent of engineering testing. Eco
> Bruce may have the latest results if not go to SB-r-us and enroll and
> then go to the files section where there are many test results
> published.
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> Kind regards
> John Glassford
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