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Re: GSBN:Matts requests help again

Dear Matts,

If your travels take you to California (probably not) you might want to drop in
on Cal Earth. When we visited they were building a SB dome.

Bon voyage,


Selon MattsMyhrman@...:

> I can't retrieve my list of contact info for the people who attended the
> ISBBC 2004 in Denmark.   Can anyone in Germany provide me with an e-mail
> address
> for Martin Stengil (correct spelling?) who built two s-b domes at an
> ecovillage
> in Germany (Seiben Linden?)?
> Expanding on my earlier request for images of s-b vaults and domes, I have
> now found that my presentation is also supposed to cover round buildings.   I
> have images of several smaller such structures, including the thatched beauty
> that B. Jones did in Ireland, but have no images of any large ones.   I have
> a
> vague recollection of a big round building used to stable and train horses
> being mentioned on the GSBN.   If any of you can quickly provide digital
> images of
> this building (or any other large round building), or can get someone else
> to, I will be most grateful.   The unfortunate time pressure results from the
> reality that in a week, Judy and I begin a circuitous journey that will bring
> us
> eventually to Ontario for the big gig.
> The images should be of a resolution adequate for projecting onto a screen or
> making a good 5 inch (12.7 cm) by 7 inch (17.8 cm) photographic print.
> Expressed differently, my tecnical consultant, Tony Novelli from DCAT,
> recommends
> that they be at least 800 pixels high by 600 pixels tall (better yet, 1024 by
> 768).
> Thanks for anything you can do with such a deadline.
> With greetings from your hopelessly round, domed and vaulted friend in
> Arizona,
> Matts
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