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Re: GSBN:straw bale in the Wall Street Journal

Hi Bruce,
I am quiet interested in getting a copy (May I confess that will be the very
first time I read a page of the Wall Street Journal?) In a near future,
maybe it  changes its title for "the SB Wall (Street )Journal"!!!
A suggestion, as many will surely ask for a copy:is it  possible to just
send as an attachment, to the whole gSBN forum, or is it just not feasable
on forums? (sorry, am notta computer expert)
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On Aug 9, 2006, at 4:28 PM, John Glassford wrote:

G ' day Eco Bruce

Us foreigners who do not have access to the Wall Street Journal would
love a copy or a way to get one please.

We made a 1.5 Mg PDF of it.  I'm sending one to El Lupo Australianico

anyone else?